Opening the Gold Hunter pinpointer. Photos: what’s inside

See the photos: opening the Gold Hunter pinpointer. The authors of the photos joked that they had expected to see a small Chinese man inside who beeped when seeing a coin.






Does the Gold Hunter work as it should?

All about the Gold Hunter pinpointer is collected here. If it really costs $100 (I haven’t found it cheaper yet), then its fate is sad. What makes it different from other pinpointers? It’s even black in color ))

4 Responses to Opening the Gold Hunter pinpointer. Photos: what’s inside

  • This video is a load of crap. i have been using one for over a year now. and it is great on depth and sensitivity….This one shown has abviously been doctored by the selling fraternity…..very sad to use propergander just because a thing is foreigne……I know better and so do you. I,v used most pinpointers, And this Gold Hunter Propointer…(the genuine undoctored one) Is up there with the best three. which are by far more expensive than the GOLD HUNTER PRO POINTER

    • Yup I’ve got a Chinese pro pointer, had it for 6 months and it works fine, well worth ?30.

  • Please parcel this product gold hunter

  • I am thinking of getting one,,what r the GP PINPOINT like or is it the same for all of them around ?30 which looks the same.. could you send me a photo of yours to my email address at,… Please as I think they are going to be good to use Lee.

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