Nokta FORS Relic depth test (surprised me). Video

Watch the video: a Nokta FORS Relic depth test. Considering that it’s an 11-inch coil, the figures are really impressive. So it is not for nothing that the test video is being shot from two camera angles. The third one – from under the table – should also be added ))

Please draw your attention to the upper left corner where denomination of coin and depth are duplicated.


All about the new Nokta FORS Relic metal detector is collected here. The 2016 new product, the price announced: $799 (comes complete with 2 coils).

2 Responses to Nokta FORS Relic depth test (surprised me). Video

  • Impressive. It appears to match the Racer 2 in depth. I would like to see some of these in the field.

  • Il suffit de lire le tableau de performances sur le site de plan?te-d?tection.
    Nokta et Makro sont les meilleurs d?tecteurs pour la profondeur.

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