Mars MD universal shaft (different detectors). Photo

Watch the photo, Mars MD universal shaft, examples of Garrett ACE, Garrett AT, Teknetics, АКА metal detectors.

The Mars MD universal shaft, one of the new products announced by the manufacturer for 2015. Its meaning is clear to anyone ever handling the XP Deus machine (one of the best ground metal detectors’ shafts). Convenient, light-weight, telescopic one, in addition, the control boxes of different metal detectors can be put on through an adapter.






Pay attention, on the lower photos there is an additional fastening behind the control box. It looks like a universal holder for the camera, flashlight and perhaps pinpointer.




MarsMD shaft and Garrett AT PRO – photos and video


More about Mars MD universal shaft… What armrest can withstand 86kg? Watch the video of a new MarsMD universal shaft.

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  • What type of price will it be?

  • Are you shipping to Norway? This is just what I’ve been looking for! :)

  • This universal shaft enables to see a metal detector differently. We have always perceived the detector as an integer in assembly (control box, shaft and coil).

    Can we take another coil? And it will not necessarily be the original one. The alternative search coils (Detech, MarsMD, Nel) are produced for almost all ground detectors of large manufacturers. This is especially topical for the inexpensive detectors which coils are initially simple and unable to fully discover all capabilities of the metal detector. For example, the second 12”- 13” coil for the Garrett ACE 250 really gives the machine a new lease of life and is able to postpone the purchase of a more expensive detector for 1 or 2 years.

    But if we have the same opportunity to use an alternative shaft? Such, on which one can put the control box of any metal detector. Besides, it will be convenient, reliable, light-weight, adjustable in a wide range. Supporting additional holders for a flashlight or camera… And what will we need from the manufacturers in future? Only a control box! We have the shaft left from the old device, a coil will be bought by ourselves separately (the very coil we need). And we’ll have a real multi-detector.
    What do you think, the manufacturers have their benefits in it? Certainly not. And they will do anything so that the multi-detector never appears… But they already exist ))

  • Hi, i very interesting to buy telescopic shaft for my Garrett AT PRO. What the price ? and delivery to London ?

    Kind Regards,

    • The shaft really looks good . I like the telescopic action but, how well is it balanced ?? If you have ever used a straight shaft with the AT pro you will notice a big difference. I was also curious if you can see the VDI # on the box any better ? The stock “S” shaft has a bit of a flaw, You most tilt your machine downward just a bit to see my # .. I am interested if the price is reasoable , 200 for a straight carbon shaft is steep !! When would it be ready to ship to the states ??

  • I would also be interested in this product for my Minelab X-Terra 705 could you please let me know the price and if you post to the UK.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi, the blog is out of all relation to the manufacturers or sales. Just detecting news and diggers’ secrets.

  • I really like the handle and shafts you have for the AT pro on here. How could I get one? I’m in the USA and, how much will it cost?

  • Yes I live in the USA and I would like to try that shaft and would like to know what the price would be Thanks.

  • Let me know the price and when you can ship to U.S. I use a ATPro , Please let me know.

  • hello, i leave in France, where can i buy this shaft? think you

  • Are you going to make one for the Minelab X-terra line?

  • Let me know the price and when you can ship to U.S. I use a ATPro , thanks

  • Hello … where and when can I mars md shaft buy ?!

  • Ciao
    would it fit for a Whites VX3?

  • Great where can I get one ,living in Dublin Ireland do not drive any more ,go by public transport Derek

  • Bought the last one of these had in stock. Attached my Boutny Hunter Lone Star control box to it and it works terrific. Very balanced. Nice sticky grip. Very solid build quality. I recommend it.

  • A 705 on one of these would be perfect especially with a dual frequency coil

  • This shaft use same tube profile like XP Deus?

  • I have a set of waterproof headphones for the Nox with the 1/8″ waterproof end. Can these adapters have a waterproof 1/8″ male and female end and be approx. 18″ long? I would like the headphones to be able to plug into the adapter and the adapter into the control box.

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