Makro Racer metal detector from Turkey. Photo review

I’ve tried the Makro Racer in practice. A real metal detector! My pals with the Minelab and Garrett machines are already asking to give them a try on the armrest. See the photo review.

A carrying bag from the Makro Racer PRO package. It’s simple, but serves its functions perfectly well. Inside: the detector, 2 coils, a water bottle and good deal of metal detecting sundries. There has been an available space, however, still left in the bag. And it looks decent. With such a bag, you can take both a turn by the underground and a wander in the woods.


There are 3 sections inside the bag – with partitions so that the detector parts don’t rub one against another. Plus, there is a large external pocket – separate space for the dirty coil (that’s what I decided, I don’t know what the initial purpose of this pocket is).


Both a small and large coil fits in the pocket. If so desired, you may cram both of them at once into it, but they will scratch together. It’s more practical when one is in the pocket and the other is on the shaft inside the bag.


Three shafts which are classical for ground search… Oh, how deep practice with the Garrett detectors runs in me! For the very first time, I attached, without looking, the coil to the lower shaft the other way around (the spring clips in Garrett machines are paired and symmetrical, so it makes no odds how to mount a coil… other detectors have one spring clip and it should be from below).


I liked the rain cover. It’s of high quality, but the most important thing, you can put it on as well as take it off easily and quickly.


The cover is still a cover. It provides protection against dust and dirt, the buttons are pressed perfectly, but the detector screen is seen worse.


The lower shaft and coil attachment point. Everything as it should be. There are rubber washers, the bolt is thick.


I have a habit: I level off the coil against the ground all the time. This occurs automatically… I dig up a hole, take the detector in hand and put the coil to the ground. If there are no rubber washers under the coil ears or the bolt holds the coil badly – I notice it at once. Or if the coil hangs loosely and the angle isn’t adjusted (with the bolt overtightened and ready to snap at any moment).


The first thing I did after assembling the detector was putting the coil on the ground and leveling with the horizon. The Makro Racer coil is attached firmly – doesn’t hang loose, the angle can be changed.
A real detector! It’s hard to find fault with this machine. In terms of its performance and quality, the Makro Racer is impressive.

In the shadow of this device, my Garrett AT PRO looks depressingly simple. The Minelab X-Terra 705 falls short of this Turkish machine as well. I’ll make comparisons later.


And a flashlight isn’t the point (the Makro Racer has this one). Everything seems to be the same, but it has been made a bit better.


The middle shaft twist lock. It has an endstop (lest you break the lock using extra effort such as, for instance, in the AT PRO).


The upper shaft twist lock. This red rim haunts my mind all the time. What is the purpose of it? I know that any touch in production implies time and money invested. Is it really just for appearance?


The Makro Racer should be given into the buyer’s hands. He who has at least some experience with other detectors will immediately appreciate. My fellow diggers have already suggested that I take this armrest off and fit it on the Garrett AT PRO and Minelab X-Terra (a good idea, I will definitely try).



Rarely will you see an armrest that is not suitable for hunting at all (these ones do exist – for example, the Minelab Go-Find). But almost all armrests simply serve their function. This one is also convenient. Maybe this is because of the size (it is larger) or shape, or your arm not sliding inside, but most likely – all in one.


Under the armrest there is volume control (On/Off/Volume) and a headphone jack with rubber plug.
The speaker and battery compartment are located on the underside. Apparently you shouldn’t search without cover… When you put the detector on the ground while digging up a hole – dirt, dust and probably moisture may get inside the speaker grill. I’ll keep it in my mind.


The Makro Racer power supply is 4 AA batteries. In my case, these are 4 rechargeable batteries supplied with the PRO package (along with 220V & 12V chargers, it’s convenient – for this going out I charged the batteries in the car).


No complaints about the coil cable connector screwed into the control box. The cable is thick, the connector plugs into the socket easily, a clamping nut. There is a pinpoint trigger under the control box. I still need to get used to it after the classical central button. I can well believe the trigger is more convenient.



And I will have to get used to the side menu as well. There are only 4 buttons on the Makro Racer panel and they are put together under the thumb. What about left-handed hunters?


The Makro Racer has a usual screen. It’s monochrome and readable enough in direct sunlight. The size is excellent – the large screen is a plus.


The Makro Racer PRO package also includes the other – sniper DD – coil. There are places where we will test it!



This is just a first going out with the Makro Racer. I’m getting used to it, see how it responds to targets. A first impression is the metal detector works as it should. I’ll be going with this machine for a few days – capture on video, emphasize peculiarities, and we will make a comparison with the Garrett AT PRO and Minelab X-Terra 705.



Makro Racer: Recovery speed test

More photos of the Makro Racer here. Makro Racer PRO package: what’s in the box. Photo of the coils without covers. The charger and headphones with an adapter (when going out this time I didn’t still take the headphones, but they are in the box).

All about the Makro Racer is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Makro Racer. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • I did buy the marko racer what I did Not know was the MENU is so small nobody can read it I got it for my breath day I have a 705 detector I am. Ushering I put. The marko racer in May Closet it is a nice detector but they have too do something with the little MENU I would not buy a Detector like this I will stay with Whites or a mine lab this was a Waste of money ___ I did not get it off of you but I am letting people Know thank you for looking.

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