Improper coil protection. Mad beginners

How to make coil protection of a corrugated washing machine hose. Why such a protection can harm the Minelab X-Terra 305. Watch the photo.

The history of a photo… A beginner with a one day experience decided that his Minelab X-Terra 305 had an insufficiently protected search coil. Besides, that coil came complete with an original protection. And it was decided to strengthen the coil in such a way…


There were a corrugated washing machine hose made of polymer, a sticky tape and… lack of understanding of what he was doing.


With such protection the coil has received an additional weight. And the weakest point of the Minelab X-Terra coils is ears. The more the coil weight is, the more chances are that these ears will break down.

The water will accumulate in the tubes of this protection (false responses are possible). The tubes will be surely clogged with dirt that will add even more weight to the coil (and it’ll be difficult to clean it).

A beginner wanted to increase the reliability of his detector, but got a serious decrease and additional inconvenience as a result.

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