Garrett AT MAX depth test. Comparison: Garrett AT PRO / Garrett AT Gold

Now nobody can say a new Garrett AT MAX is similar to an old Garrett AT PRO – the new one comes with a volume control. So the machine really has a different look )) Here’s a Garrett AT MAX depth test and its comparison with the Garrett AT PRO and Garrett AT Gold.


In your opinion, will the Garrett AT PRO and Garrett AT Gold detectors be removed from the market soon? With the first one everything is clear: the new Garrett AT MAX has all of the same capabilities as the previous unit. Thus the Garrett AT PRO can be considered obsolete even today. But what about the Garrett AT Gold? The problem lies in the name. Will it be a Garrett Gold MAX without AT? But then the corporate look of the Garrett AT series will be lost (AT are amphibious detectors). Garrett AT MAX Gold? Too long and intricate. So there is only one option left… Garrett AT Goldmax. Although in order to have such name one ought to be rather impudent. Plus, to sue some people so that they keep out of the way ))

All about the new Garrett AT MAX metal detector is collected here (big news, scandal reviews and opinions). On Knowledgebase pages there is additional info on this machine (if this is the one you have interest in, visit this page to have a look, every AT MAX owner should know these things).

6 Responses to Garrett AT MAX depth test. Comparison: Garrett AT PRO / Garrett AT Gold

  • Lets face it, its a slightly tweaked AT PRO, so nothing to set the world on fire!

    • It looks better in this video.

    • You are right, the earlier AT Max didn’t impress neither. Just hope the New AT Max to be released labor day will be a lot better. I just don’t trust these tester that are say the New AT Max is so much better.

  • Here is another test of the AT MAX prior to release also done by Treasure Mountain Detector’s sales manager

  • Here is another test from Treasure Mountain’s sales manager.

  • at max uk??????

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