Fisher F22/F44 announced – it’s weatherproof (updated)

What ground metal detectors do you know? Terrestrial, amphibian … Fisher is trying to introduce the new – weatherproof – ones. Why are they announcing it just now?

Weatherproof not waterproof not weatherproof… 5 hours submerged with no leaks… What is Fisher trying to tell us? You must not submerge it in water, but in rain you can. Well, in what kind of rain?


But the main question is: why has it been announced after the official presentation of the Fisher F44? Has a technology appeared in the production process? There are doubts that the term ‘weatherproof’ will have any real effect for the user.

Is it just me who sees a metal detector lying on the asphalt pavement? Has a gold coin been dug out right on the road? Cooked-up functionality, naive pictures, it is sad to see where Fisher is sliding down.

Added… And the Fisher F22 too.


All about the Fisher F22 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Fisher F22. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • If Fisher made the F44 indeed waterproof, even conforming to any standard… Would they really conceal it coquettishly under the term “weatherproof”, somewhere out there on Facebook? Any manufacturer would write in big letters everywhere. And they would shout at the top of voice about it…

    5 hours and not a leak. Afterwards they will say they meant 5 hours in the rain. And the rain was spring, light, the device was motionless. And it was a factory prototype.

    For the present “waterproof 3 meters” won’t be written on the box. And the manufacturer will officially issue a warranty on underwater search. It is all empty words.

  • Best for weatherproof ))



  • This is the scoop on weatherproof. The f44 and f22 are completely dunkable, drenchable and drop in the mud proof. But any depth under the water creates pressure that the seals in these units are not made to withstand. Therefore the 5 year warranty is not good for submersion. These units have been tested in showers in pools and about every way you can. We’ve been working on the technology for over a year. Moving forward we expect to make the f44 or some version of it waterproof in the future. Please feel free to contact me via facebook. I will friend about anyone…

  • In the coming weeks, we’d love to send you an f44 for you to test, then you can give your own opinion of the product. I think you’ll be astounded…for the price, hell, for any price, this baby rocks…

  • Probably will be announced soon Fisher F80 and Fisher F85…

  • No quick release on f80…a year from now…and we will name the unit differently, I think. But this is what we are defining: waterproof, wireless headphones, and everything the t2/f75 platform is, and more…dst, fa process and new goodies our 17 engineers put I to the package…

  • I’ve recently been following this blog, my friends also like it, very informative. It’s always pleasant when there is a dialog between blogger and manufacturer. Therefore I have a question: what frequency will f80 (or how it will be named) be working at?

    • The f44 great detector bought mine I think December 13 gold rings and many coins I’d recommend this detector to any one ps. Don’t submerged with head phones on lol

  • The frequency is undetermined. But my guess would be, 13khz or in that neighborhood.

  • Add – Fisher F22 and Fisher F44 metal detector introduction video.

  • IF I guess right Carl Moreland the “author” of White’s Spectra (Vision) (that was a complete
    failure) is now working hard on Fisher F80/F85 as a head of a team of 17 idlers, sorry,
    engineers. IF I predict/forsee/interpolate the situation right the next year “the happy
    THer’s” will have one more “failure of the project” i.e. Fisher F80/F85, sorry,
    they will name the unit differently, I think – Failure F80/F85!

  • Owning the F75 LTD2 upgraded SE, I am very happy with the detector. If they did combine the T2 and F75 platforms, I would definitely buy it. I hunt with folks who own the T2 and I could see real value in both platforms. The iron disc of a T2, and many many programs of the F75, may be a tad too much for one detector. Love the waterproof idea. I bought a waterproof detector for those hunts. I beat it up and now can keep the F75 running longer on my serious hunts. Those guys at First Texas not only make and merchandise these detectors, they use em. I have had the luck to meet some of the team. Go with what you know and love guys. What ever you swing, keep swinging guys.

  • My F22 blanked out for a day after getting splashed not submerged while I was hunting in the river. I had hoped it wouldn’t of been so vulnerable they make it seem like you can have it in a down poor but I don’t think it would cut it.

  • I just ordered a f44 my question is do you guys think I should waterproof myself with silicone in areas on the unit to prevent failure instead of doing a recall to satisfy customers why don’t Fisher just offer a seal and rings replacement that will waterproof this unit

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