Deteknix Turbo coils. NEW 2017

Bolt, Blade, Monster … Do these names convey anything to you? I’ll put it another way: who knows the Turbo D coil type? So here come the new coils 2017 — Deteknix 15 Monster, Deteknix 9.5 Blade, and Deteknix 5 Bolt. The type of these ones: Turbo D.

Deteknix 15 Monster

Coil: Deteknix 15 Monster. Shape: round. Size: 15″ (38 cm). Type: Turbo D. Weight: 800 grams (1.7 lb).

Deteknix 9.5 Blade

Coil: Deteknix 9.5 Blade. Shape: ellipse. Size: 9.5″x5.5″ (24×14 cm). Type: Turbo D. Weight: 300 grams (0.65 lb).

Deteknix 5 Bolt

Coil: Deteknix 5 Bolt. Shape: round. Size: 5″ (13 cm). Type: Turbo D. Weight: 280 grams (0.6 lb).

All info on Deteknix is collected here. Actually this manufacturer has the largest assortment of pinpointers.

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