A proper recovery speed test of Garrett AT MAX

Which recovery speed test is the right one? You think it’s the one performed in the ground? You are wrong. The ground test is an interpretation of the air one. What we call a proper recovery speed test is when a positive target is located beneath a couple of negative ones. Simply said, when a coin is under the nails. That’s the only way you can know the detector’s real capabilities… But how about the Garrett AT MAX? Is this new machine able to well and truly separate close together targets? And is it worth its considerable price declared? It’s interesting (learn how to make proper tests).

If you need to know everything about the Garrett AT MAX, complete and collected in one place, visit the MD-Hunter blog. The news, comparisons, tests, opinions and reviews are here. On Knowledgebase pages you can also find the list of coils, specs, features, the manual – not only for the Garrett AT MAX, but also for other machines. Happy hunting to all!

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