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The Garrett GTI 2500 and AT Gold Metal Detectors Discontinued

Seven years ago, at a meeting with their representatives, Garrett’s manufacturer proudly boasted of their achievements. When asked about Minelab’s new products, they responded, “don’t believe in paper tigers.” Well… Time has shown that the tigers were not made of paper, and today Garrett is doing everything they can to catch up. Continue reading

New metal detectors Garrett Vortex 5, Vortex 7, Vortex 9. Novelty 2024

When there was a pandemic (do you still remember that time?), one of Garrett’s top managers was being interviewed. He was asked – Which internet messenger do you prefer? He answered -. Phone. Thanks for not asking him to send his questions by paper mail. In the metal detector market, the Garrett brand is almost the oldest (only the Fisher brand is older), with a lot of weight from the past. Alas, it is not about revolutionary technology and answers to competitors. Continue reading

Minelab X-Terra Elite Metal Detector. New for 2024

In the 1960s and 70s, there were dozens of metal detector manufacturers. From Grandpa Garrett’s memories, there were more than 50. Only two names have endured to this day: Garrett and Fisher. Few people know that Minelab’s history began only in the 90s when the main technologies were already established. The first multi-frequency metal detectors did not carry the Minelab label. Today, the Australian manufacturer claims to be the industry leader… Yet, they produce rather strange detectors that provoke more bewilderment than interest. Continue reading

The New Garrett Vortex Metal Detector: 2024 Release

The American manufacturer Garrett is preparing to unveil its new metal detector from the Vortex project. The main intrigue is which model the manufacturer has decided to replace… In case anyone has forgotten, the Garrett lineup includes the GTI 2500. This detector has been on the market since 1999. Truly from the last century. Continue reading

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