Fisher F22 review by Kellyco. Video

Fisher F22 video review by Kellyco. All about the detector. Review, settings and how it works, what are the peculiarities in search. Watch the video.

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One Response to Fisher F22 review by Kellyco. Video

  • I have just purchased a F22. It has not arrived yet. I have used whites for over 40 years. I stopped detecting for awhile but missed getting out and searching. This time I did not feel that I needed the top of the line detector. But after looking at this video maybe I need to change my mine. We will see when the unit arrives. I would like to see in this type of (test) Something made slow. Showing air test and ground test. Something that I can follow. With this one it seems as if I am jerked around from one thing to the next in no real order.

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