XP Deus after Garrett ACE 250. What is better

When hunting with the Garrett ACE 250 I know for sure: I miss some finds. Having taken the XP Deus in hand I have confidence that there will be nothing left behind (at normal depth).

Today I consider the XP Deus to be one of the best metal detectors to search for historical finds. Its main distinctive feature is fast and accurate metal discrimination.


Arrange some iron nails and coins in a row… Pass the XP Deus over them first and then do the same with the Garrett ACE 250. Take a stack of copper coins and pass it edgeways under the Garrett ACE 250 coil (it will sound like iron, although it’s copper). When at a low frequency the XP Deus will see these coins. And I can give many practical examples when the XP Deus sees the find, whereas the Garrett ACE 250 doesn’t.


At maximum available depth, the Garrett ACE 250 often gives an uncertain response to the bronze or copper item (mixed in with an iron-like sound). It makes itself felt even more if the item is made of gold. If the soil is mineralized, the ACE 250 loses detection depth. This device has a very simple discrimination – only 12 groups of metals. But it is required of the turn-on-and-go metal detector to be that kind of machine.


The XP Deus includes all maximum detection capabilities that are not available in low-end metal detectors.

The first thing that you feel after the Garrett ACE 250 – the XP Deus is more lightweight. The arm gets tired less and you can hunt longer. The XP Deus handgrip is more convenient and its covering is more practical. In as little as one year of searching, the foam grip of my ACE 250 started spinning on the shaft. The problem is minor and I usually don’t notice it, but it does exist.


The armrests are of equal convenience; both are average and evoke no enthusiasm, simply work as they should.


Absence of the coil cable in the XP Deus, however, does evoke the enthusiasm. And it is not so much the very absence of the cable as the possibility to change the detector length at any point… For instance, it’s better to make the detector length shorter while hunting on a hilly terrain. When on flat terrain, by increasing the length you increase the overall search speed (due to the amplitude of the coil sweeps).


The length of the XP Deus can be changed in one second: you open the camlock, adjust the length and close the camlock.


You will be unable to change the length of the Garrett ACE 250 often. First, the length is changed with a fixed step size (marking on the shaft) and this size isn’t adjusted smoothly. Second, in order to change the Garrett ACE 250 length, you need to disconnect the coil and to wrap the cable around the shaft again. Otherwise, the swaying cable will form loops that will cling to the branches, and in some cases, even give a phantom signal.


The XP Deus usually comes equipped with the XP 22.5 DD coil (there are also expanded configurations with other coils). The Garrett ACE 250 usually comes with the Garrett 6.5×9 ACE PROformance coil. The first one is round, of DD type (plus, it’s wireless). The second coil is elliptical, mono. Considering the fact that the XP Deus coil is formally 0.5 inch less (9 vs 9.5), this coil sees deeper through the soil – for example, plus 1-3 centimeters depending on the coin size.



Recovery speed test. Garrett ACE 250 vs XP Deus

Of course, the Garrett ACE 250 and the XP Deus are machines of different levels. But I always say: all metal detectors get finds. With the XP Deus, you’ll merely dig a smaller number of holes where you see an unwanted find. Happy treasure hunting!

All about the Garrett ACE 250 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Garrett ACE 250. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • why would you undone the coil cable to adjust the length on the garrett, all you have to do is turn it to take up the slack DOH

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