Minelab Goldsearch 11 DD

Minelab Goldsearch 11 DD coil
  • Parameters

    • Manufacturer: Minelab
    • Model: Goldsearch 11 DD
    • Coil type: DD
    • Coil shape: round
    • Size in inches: 11
    • Size in cm: 28


  • Metal Detectors




One Response to Minelab Goldsearch 11 DD

  • I don’t own this coil. I have the 8″ version for my American Gold Striker, I absolutely love this machine. The VCO works so well ! I have 4 other Minelab machines the Sov GT and 3 sovereign Elites. I will be adding a XT18000 SOON.
    You simply can’t go wrong with a MINELAB. P/S I’ve been MD’ing 36 years.

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