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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2 metal detector

Coils for Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2



The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2 is a reliable, effective, easy-to-operate, professional underwater metal detector. It is designed for underwater search of valuable items at a depth of up to 60 meters. The device is specially engineered for comfortable underwater hunting: adjustable shaft length, convenient location of controls and enhanced reliability against leaks. The Sea Hunter Mark 2 helps search equally well on land, in water as well as underwater. The device operates without loss of depth not only in highly mineralized and salty soils, but also in sea water.


The electronic circuitry of the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2 metal detector is based on pulse induction technology. It operates at a frequency of 0.75 kHz. The detector has no visual indication, therefore the types of metals are identified aurally. The Sea Hunter Mark 2 is controlled by using three potentiometers, this greatly simplifies program setting and switching underwater. For example, the audio level is set by rotating the THRESHOLD potentiometer, the discrimination level is adjusted by using the ELIMINATION one, whereas the SEARCH MODES knob turns the unit on and switches between the Standard and Discrete Trash Elimination modes. A 6.35mm headphone jack is located on the front panel near the potentiometers.


The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2 metal detector comes standard with a Garrett 8’’ PROformance Mono coil. For this device there exist other coils of different sizes and parameters. The power supply of the unit is 8 AA batteries. The size of the detector is adjusted in the range of 71-132cm. The weight of the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2 (assembled) is 2.3kg.




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  • I bought the sea hunter 2 years ago and love it . I have used it on land and salt water . Around my home town and
    At Panama City beach . I have found all kind of goodness with it . Really nice things in the water at the beach and local swimming areas. I also plain on buying a AT pro , I have used my buddy’s, they also work grate too . (please always remember to fill in your holes and your best to return jewelry if all possible ) thanks Garrett for a good metal detector!

    • hi, I saw your post from last October and want to know if you’re willing to enter a few questions about your Garrett Sea Hunter II?

      I assume you are using the 8-inch coil? What is your typical detection depth under the sand provided you are in the water? Do you have the 10 by 14-inch coil and if so, how is that been for you? Better performance? detection depth? if you could do it all over again, would you still buy the detector? Any other suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated.

      • Is this a good way to contact you I posted a post see if you can find it MD blog. Thanks Steve

  • È affidabile al 100%…mi ha fatto trovare di tutto,lo uso sulle montagne e sui terreni agricoli

  • If a to e. A. Help me to learn how to tell difference Bren like gold ring, bracelet or a big lead sinker, I would greatly appreciate any help I am buying a Garret Sea HunterMark 2, my Tesoro’s Sand Shark was stolen 5 days after I bought it, 4’ from me, all my stuff pin Pointer, shovel, everything, I hate a thief, but was learning the sand shark pretty good. There is a lot of lead weights on tx beaches,
    Is it even possible to tell difference btwn lead weights and gold rings etc w/sea hunter? Hope it’s cool to post my temp number, text best way u less you cab Sr my email, eightoneseven threesixeight oneonefourtwo cost I could use the help. As well explaining g difference btwn the different coils available for it, I do t care for real deep stuff for now anyway 2-3 feet good enough, wished there were a lot of detectors that could mee me in a certain spot on Texas coastline, just too much area to cover there is 6 million est value in 1700’s no telling now, everyone is way off on coord. I put my own plan together what happened and hv found several of the spanish gold coins so I’m in the right area, everything split even Steven. Thanks

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