The world’s first universal shaft. 50 detectors!

MarsMD has launched a universal shaft – super reliable, compact, convenient, compatible with different detector models (from different manufacturers). Is this the first step towards a universal metal detector?

Universal shaft









Here’s the universal telescopic shaft. The emphasis has been made on durability (the video test where the armrest can withstand a man’s weight), comfort while searching, and readiness to support the control boxes of different metal detectors.

For ordinary hunter (and this is who I am) it’s yet another accessory that is helpful to line the pockets with finds. But this event has an interesting fact hidden…

Universal metal detector


What does a metal detector consist of? A shaft, a search coil and an electronic box. The purchase of a new detector includes the whole assembly. But what about buying only the electronic box and the coil? Moreover, I want to choose the coil myself (it is not necessarily the case that it will be the one of the same manufacturer). Buying a new detector comes down to the purchase of a separate electronic box.


The universal shaft is the first step towards a universal metal detector. And this step has been made by MarsMD that itself is getting ready to become a metal detector manufacturer ))

For more photos, the list of metal detectors, where to buy – refer to the manufacturer’s website.

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