The cheapest underwater machine? The price

The price of an underwater metal detector – Viper Hybrid Trident – has slumped. What do you think of a proper underwater device costing $142? In fact, a Viper Hybrid Trident appears to be the cheapest underwater machine. Or are there any cheaper ones?


A Viper Hybrid Trident metal detector… On the one hand, this machine is quite common on the shelves at metal detecting stores. On the other hand, try to find its owners’ real reviews or videos. I didn’t manage to do it. And it’s strange.


The Viper Hybrid Trident’s main feature is complete submersion up to 40 meters. Plus, capability to operate in saltwater environment. All the rest – adjustable sensitivity, gradually increasing kind of discrimination, automatic ground balance – are standard features as for an underwater detector. Have you ever wondered whether it’s comfortable to adjust or change the detector’s settings at a depth of 30 meters? Meanwhile, at this very moment, a shark is looking over your shoulder to see how you are finding the right settings ))


The Viper Hybrid Trident operates at a 12.5 kHz frequency. For me personally it’s strange to hear the seller say this one is a low-frequency machine. Maybe the sellers consider all VLF detectors to be the low-frequency ones.


Today’s Viper Hybrid Trident price is $140.95 in the U.S. and €145-€170 in Europe. Just a while ago the device cost $470. Although in years past, when a Viper Hybrid Trident was a novelty, it went on sale with a price of $999. And there were people who really bought this machine.


It’s the first post about a Viper Hybrid Trident detector in this blog. All interesting and useful info about this device will be collected here. Plus, you can find the Viper Hybrid Trident’s features and specs on Knowledgebase pages.

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