Teknetics EuroTek PRO: recovery speed test (+depth test)

The Teknetics EuroTek PRO machines failed to become the Garrett ACE killers. Such things do happen: there would seem to be a more awesome detector, but people buy the competitor. As a matter of fact, the Teknetics EuroTek PRO is really more awesome. For instance, in its ability to separate targets.

By way of comparison, the Garrett ACE detectors aren’t capable of distinguishing close together targets at all. Here’s the way it looks:

All about a Teknetics EuroTek PRO metal detector is collected here (news, comparisons, tests). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information about the Teknetics EuroTek PRO (coils, user manual, specs, features).

4 Responses to Teknetics EuroTek PRO: recovery speed test (+depth test)

  • Did you mean “could become the Garrett ace killers”?

  • Ahh. I see now. From a sales perspective, they’ve haven’t been Ace killers. I have no doubt that they will out perform the Ace series, as will the Alpha 2000 and several Bounty Hunter models also.

  • I have Garrett Euro Ace with a set of coils and
    Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro with a set of coils.
    They can not kill each other, they are different!

  • Discrimination is the most important thing.
    But you have to dig a lot to find good things.
    I have seen pro hunters that do very good with cheap en mid range detectors.
    They listen good to the sounds it makes.
    I like the Euro tek pro for here in Netherlands.
    I try to buy a fake mxt 3030 because I like the looks en tones better.
    I hate the high pitch tones, companies should make much more changeble tones.

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