Opening the Golden Mask 5. What’s inside (+clone)

The Golden Mask 5 owner’s first opinions have appeared. So far, it’s so-so… Drawing on the screen lags behind. It’s better to opt for a sound response. Copper is displayed as silver and vice versa.

The experts say it’s a Golden Mask 4 inside, but there are really two processors. To deal with the tasks, one processor is quite enough. The other (supposedly) is for upgrading firmware.








And that’s not all… The Bulgarian manufacturers have announced yet another new product – Tangra (I don’t even know whether Tangra is a model or manufacturer). It is very similar to the Golden Mask 5.


Find more information about the Golden Mask 5 here. NEW 2015, two frequencies, two processors, a large screen. Country of origin: Bulgaria.

5 Responses to Opening the Golden Mask 5. What’s inside (+clone)

  • Bought and sold, after one week. And ‘unusable on land even in low / medium mineralization.

  • Have had one a little over a month.Nice machine.It is deep and stable.The balance is very good ,which one would expect with a straight shaft setup.If u get in an area with a lot of larger iron the audio seems to get a little saturated.Though just go to a smaller coil.So far it’s a keeper!

  • check here for Tangra “brand” information …

  • hi,tangra are the sister company to golden mask, the telescopic shaft is a fine stem and dosent clog up with sand or dirt,as biased folks were saying on other forums,90 euros is a bargain from both brands

  • Can you say me please howust I weld the red Cable for the Speaker? It’s shown on picture nr. 6.

    Brst Regards

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