In-line filter for Minelab Equinox coil. A good thing?

The Minelab Equinox owners have come up with a suggestion – to add an in-line filter to the coil cable. This poses two questions at once: how can this filter help you increase the amount of good finds? And, if it really works, why don’t other machines have this thing yet? Dear expert metal detector users, please give us your opinions about the viability of this improvement to help our readers decide – whether or not they should put such dirt-cheap filters on their devices or, the other way around, should avoid wasting time on a fool’s errand.

In-line filter for Minelab Equinox coil. A good thing?

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9 Responses to In-line filter for Minelab Equinox coil. A good thing?

  • I tried this solution on a lot of detectors, and it does not help. A simple ferrite on the drive cable will not eliminate EMI / RFI interference, and will not provide additional stability
    If it were so simple, all the metal detector manufacturers would have adopted this system for a long time.

  • No jo Minelab! Zase vymysleli jak vyt?hnout hleda??m pen?ze z kapsy,to by jim rozhodn? ?lo,ale aby kone?n? vymysleli po??dn? detektor pro Evropsk? podm?nky hled?n?,to ne !!!!

    • ?e?tina se na americk?ch webech moc nevid?, t?m m?n? kdy? jde o kritiku equinoxu :)

      Tenhle ferrite je ale dal??m d?kazem, ?e Minelabu jde bohu?el na v?ech ?rovn?ch pouze a jenom o zisk.

  • I’m an electronic engineer and I don’t expect this ferrite filter will make any difference. The principle of of these filters is to reduce unwanted RF currents from flowing in the screen of the cable. They act as a 1/2 turn around a ferrite core. However with the Equinox (and all detectors) it’s not the screen that is responsible for stray RF pickup, it’s the coil itself…. so this filter will have no effect.

    Besides, any half witted design engineer worth his salt will have already put RF filters in the detector circuit.

  • I live within 5 miles of a 50-KW am radio station and they do help keep the RF out

  • I use it and inside when I first put it on it worked. I have wifi and it definitely works so I appreciate the suggestion here where I first read it. thanks

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