Garrett AT PRO control box broke off. Repair option

All metal detectors break down: both expensive and cheap ones, sooner or later. The Garrett AT PRO isn’t an exception. One of the most unpleasant breakdowns is the control box coming off the shaft. So, if your Garrett AT PRO control box is still in place, be ready – it will surely fall off.

The author of the video suggests attaching the detector’s control housing to the bike reflector bracket as an option for repairs. By so doing, the angle of the housing can be adjusted, the housing itself can be mounted on any part of the shaft (closer or farther). Plus, the control box can be removed from the shaft – it’s really convenient. When the housing is removed, the machine becomes even more compact.

But… If the control box is raised slightly, it may be inconvenient to reach the pinpoint button with your thumb. And what if the construction becomes loose in the field? Should you schlepp wrenches and screwdrivers around?


All about Garrett AT PRO repairs is collected here. Also, in a separate category there is information related to the opening and repair of all metal detectors.

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