Fisher F11, F22 and F44 what is the difference. Table

Here is a rare moment: Fisher and Minelab, two large manufacturers, are simultaneously rolling out the new products in the class of low-cost detectors. See the table of F11, F22 and F44 features and specifications: what is the difference (has Fisher miscalculated?).


Fisher F11 Fisher F22 Fisher F44
Wheatherproof No Yes Yes
Pinpoint Yes Yes Yes
Visual Target ID 9-Segment 9-Segment 9-Segment
Targer ID (VDI) No Yes Yes
Audio-ID 4-Tone 4-Tone 4-Tone
Ground Balancing No No Yes
Adjustable Iron Audio No Yes Yes
Coil 7 Concentric 9 Concentric 11 Concentric
Power 1x 9V 2 x AA 2 x AA
Weight 2.3 lbs (1.04 kg) 2.3 lbs (1.04 kg) 2.3 lbs (1.04 kg)

Is it just me who sees it? The manufacturer declares the equal weight for all metal detectors. But the Fisher F11 has an 7 inch coil, whereas the Fisher F44 has an 11 inch one… Must there be a small difference?




Both manufacturers try to surprise us with unusual shapes of the search coils. Fisher shows an Egg coil. For the time being these ones look unconvincingly… Let us see what they will be in practice.

Minelab says that a Square coil is the most up-to-date trend of metal detecting technologies. But they also cause doubt. It looks like the Minelab Go-Find has spoiled its launch just because of these coils (the test models demonstrated a very little detection depth)… The game “Killers of ACE 250” continues.

All about the Fisher F44 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Fisher F44. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • It is not clear what Fisher means by Adjustable Iron Audio function. Is it a proper iron response adjustment or the manufacturer talks about something else by these words? When we take in hand, we’ll know.

    • The iron audio is just refering to how the volume control works. On the F22 and F44 volume , from 1 to 10 causes equal volumes for ALL metals ……but….set the volume between 11 to 20 (20 is max volume) and the iron sound will be much quieter than non ferrous until volume set at 20 …equals iron volume the same as non ferrous . Its designed so you can still hear the iron in the background without tiring your ears(set volume from 11 to 20).
      had to eat my hat (see previous post) Tried a garret 250 but ended up with a fisher f22. Its sensitive on the iron and gives good depth and trash always gives wilder VDI numbers . I d imagine the F44 is a better detector but its electronics (while better than f22) take its sensitivity into the over sensitive zone ,maybe due to the larger coil and its sensitivity to iron.The weatherproofing is excellent and it’s light and easy to use . Its has no problems going down to nine inches on medium coins , the only negatives are the screen is easily scratched and its display and ‘coin mode’ are pretty useless for Brit and Euro coins,as they contain iron.For an entry level detector its a good buy .after a few months detecting I think its better than my mates Ace 250 . Garrett have now introduced the 400 i model to keep the flying banana legend going….

      • Yesterday I had a walk with Garrett Euro Ace.
        The device is NOT bad even compared with X-Terra 705.
        Had a lot of finds!
        Sound is very informative and helps very much in
        detecting targets!

  • I’ve watched a video presentation of new Fisher metal detectors for sellers. It was held by Mike Scott… So what? Probably therein lies Fisher’s problem.

    For 44 minutes they were retelling metal detector manuals which anybody can read himself! And to whom? To the sellers! For them, the entire presentation can be fit in one sentence: we give you the detectors, your premium is $ xx, there won’t be any problems with warranty. The sellers are interested in nothing more. A half of those who sell us metal detectors haven’t kept even a shovel in hand.

    And for users… the Fisher F11-F22-F44 are low-end metal detectors. More often than not, this is the user’s first machine. And what is a beginner afraid of when choosing his first metal detector? To make a wrong choice. So, please, show him that his choice is right and your metal detectors will provide a beginner with the finds at once!

    P.S. And don’t show advertising posters with your devices if the same machines are standing nearby alive. Any live video of hunting with these models will be a super addition to your words. Good luck to Fisher!

  • Fixed: Fisher F11 power – 1x 9V

  • I am thoroughly disappointed with this device. Moreover, it is not the first and the only detector in my hand.
    PS. Sorry for the harsh and fair comment. ))

  • What exactly makes You disapointed? Is the Euroace better choice in Your opinion?

  • This is my second Detector. My first is a Tecknetics D4000. Can say a hole lot for either. I did however find Silver and Diamond ring. My issue with the F44 is it is very sensitive. I dig a lot of trash because it the ID numbers jump to much. Then again I have went 15 for 16 on targets that were all coins except one. Very unconsistant. There would be days I get all kinds of chirping and I would have to run the sensitivity down to 10. Ground balance very often. Mean while my son with a Garrett 350 popping coins all over the place. Not really happy. Moving onto something more in the $700 range. Minelab or Whites. Just now 100 % sold on Fisher. My uncle swears by Fisher and would never buy another machine. 40 years of hunting. I trust him. So maybe its just me and I do not know what I am doing.

    • Steve!
      Take my advice and buy Garrett AT Pro!
      Master its Pro-mode and you will pick up coins like god!
      Garrett AT Pro is extremely improved version of Garrett Ace.

    • Digging trash is not a problem. If it is a positive reading then dig it machines lie. You do not know what it is until it is in your hand. I have used expensive units and ( cheap ) ones and have found good targets with all of them during the past 45 years ..

  • It’s obvious that this blog talk good only of their Russian products.

    • Really? What kind of products are you talking about? Can it? ))


      Here’s the AKA Intronik STF metal detector. Manufactured in Russia.

      • There is one small problem – practically all metal detectors in the world
        are american made. In Russia there is only one company – AKA.
        I have a strong suspicion that through the Europian Union,
        through the Great Britain they are going to move to the USA somehow
        and become an american company too.
        Their “big boss” Lvovich is living in EU and from time to time
        he visits Moscow. AKA Intronik is not in production yet. They are
        still doing R&D on it.

      • Yes, But, it weighs 50 pounds and takes two people to carry it(not shown , in background)

  • New to detecting …..but……amazed at fake garrett 250 s . saw some poor lad last week with a ?130 basic bounty hunter type getting nowhere.

    At first I was looking at a Fisher 22 (cool design and pretty display) as an improvement over the Garrett 250 but I am very wary after sifting through the reviews (some of them completely non critical).

    I was also considering buying a Viking V40 and came across another non critical ‘ review’ . The reveiwer ‘s only criticism was the battery ! Looking closer at the review I noticed that it was ten years old and the company had nt changed the design one bit since . So …..spooked again !

    So garrett 250 ,best value/performance/proven pedigree seems the only option really for my budget. BE VERY VERY WARY.

  • First time detecting with the fisher F22 at a playground found coins right away, hard time detecting close to equipment had to reduce my sensitivity quite often. For a beginner the F22 is excellent, I have found a silver ring 8″ down and other deep targets. Not to steady on wet sand on a fresh water lake, did find coins no jewelry, been using it on custom mode which made a big difference. The way the coil is shaped makes it easier to hunt around playground equipment, for the money you can’t beat it.

  • The f44 is a cool piece of kit, far superior to the ancient garretts, weatherproof as well, many many functions!!

    • Im curious about both F22 and F44, the f44 says it can ground balance and manual ground balance, but how the heck does the F22 stay stable if it doesnt have ground balance?? “does it at least “auto ground balance” for stability??

  • Hi I’m looking to buy my first metal detector. I’m looking at the fisher f22 and f44 also garrett euro. Any advice on which one thanks

  • I just bought the Fisher F22 after looking at reviews on the internet for 2 weeks. I was looking at Garrett ace 150-250 as an option too, but the fisher seems to be a bit better and newer model. Should get it, in 1 week, cant wait to try it our here in Mexico :).

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