China made Garrett AT PRO (fake). Prices

If Garrett and Minelab don’t come out of deep sleep, there is probability they will stay there. And the Chinese will be producing metal detectors in their stead. See an example: prices for fake Garrett AT PRO from China.

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Garrett AT PRO metal detectors in bulk quantity – at $288 a piece… Dear manufacturers, do at least something! It’s a pity Chinese Garrett ACE is already being sold overtly.

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  • FAKE DETECTORS,hi,over the pond here in the uk,we are getting swamped with ‘cloned’ detectors as the sellers call them.garrett,first texas products,minelab have all been faked in china,in turn flooding Europe,I am proud to use my usa and British detectors,with their warranty and great service backup.Fakes are destroying the fun for newbies,robbing them and the companys of their cash!

  • what a load of rubbish mate , its called competition

  • Anyone know if there actually is a AT pro copy? I’ve seen ace 150 and 250 but can’t find the pro

  • I saw one seller on Amazon with this fake Garrett AT Pro for $400 last week. I warned my friends to steer clear of it.

  • Shops on AliExpress come and go, but I saw the same image on FB with a user claiming they saw the listing the day it was posted but no such listing could be found. I’ve looked all over with several combinations of keywords with no luck, just pointer and ace ripoffs. I’m gonna have to say the chance of picking up a fake atpro are slim to none. The only listing I could find on AliExpress was no longer available for sale, was listed for over $1k (plus $153 for shipping!) and clearly stated that particular unit was bought in America. Alot of the propointers are being branded as “g-pointer” now, but there are still a few selling fakes still marked Garrett. The ace ripoffs I saw were just marked with a model number, not a Garrett logo. Buy from a local dealer and you won’t have to worry.

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