Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 Recovery Speed Test (+depth test)

To everything there is a season: childhood is the right time to wear kids pants, while studying at school you are no longer interested in fairy tales. And when you believed that the Garrett ACE 250 was a legend, those were the fairytales. Now, welcome to the real metal detecting world where every machine can make its owner rich and happy. Take a look at the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4: this ‘kid’ even when turned off will yield you more finds than your Garrett ACE 250 with its largest coil. Do you have doubts? Here’s a test of the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4’s ability to separate close together targets + a depth test.

Another info about the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons, reviews and opinions) and on Knowledgebase pages. There you can find the details you should know before buying this detector. The experience of others will help you save your time and money.

3 Responses to Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 Recovery Speed Test (+depth test)

  • Nice! The Impact destroyer has arrived.

  • A recovery speed test is to test whether a detector can recover fast enough from signalling a good target next to a bad one such as a small coin next to a ferous target like a nail.Most detectors will be quick on three non ferous targets.Try the same test with rusty nails between the coins to give a proper indication of the speed of this detectors processing power.

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