Amazing weight of 13-inch coil! Photo: on the scales

Can you believe that a 13-inch coil for the Minelab X-Terra can weigh less than an original 10.5-inch one? See the photo: weight of the new MarsMD Discovery coil.

Mars Discovery for Minelab X-Terra (dual frequency coil)


Mars Discovery for Minelab X-Terra. Weight: 538 grams. Note: the coil can operate at two frequencies – 7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz.

This is an original Minelab X-Terra 705 coil on the scales – Minelab X-TERRA 10.5 DD. Weight: 573 grams. The coil has a smaller size (10.5 inches versus 13 inches) and is 35 grams heavier.


The coil has been weighed with a cover. I take it ‘as is’. If the coil has a cover and I’m hunting with it – so it should be weighed with this one. If the coil has no cover – so it should be weighed alone.


Separate weight of the Minelab X-TERRA 10.5 DD coil cover: 69 grams (it is good weight; a perfect cover weighs up to 50 grams, a heavy one is up to 100 grams).

Mars Discovery for Garrett AT PRO


The same Mars Discovery coil for Garrett AT PRO metal detector. Weight: 522 grams. The original Garrett AT PRO coil – Garrett 8.5?11 PROformance DD. Weight: 506 grams. Both have been weighed without covers.


Mars Discovery for Garrett ACE 150-250-350-Euro


Mars Discovery for Garrett ACE. Weight: 535 grams. Comparison with the original Garrett ACE 250 coil – Garrett 6.5?9 PROformance. Weight: 448 grams. Both weighed without covers.


The distinction is 87 grams. But if you look at the difference in coil size – 9 inches versus 13 inches – the distinction is minimal.

I’ve paid attention that Mars Discovery coils come with another bolt. Its separate weight: 10 grams.


Find more information about Mars Discovery coil here. Metal detectors for which it is produced; parameters, photos & videos, comparisons.

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  • hi,i use the discovery coil,with a balanced light feel to it,it glides effortlessly on your sweep,one major point,be prepared to dig deeper than your used to,if you reset your m.d. eachtime you change coils,you will shock yourself on the performance with the mars range, this coil will do the business,like the tiger,weight wise,so easy on the arm&wrist in the field and beach! HH
    we really like md-hunter blog.goodwork people.

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