A collector of old detectors. What for?

See one photo: here be a collector of old detectors. The man has gathered more than 30 models in his collection and is searching for more. Moreover, he isn’t asking for them, but is willing to buy up these dinosaurs. Why are these old machines needed?


These are the real dinosaurs… There are a lot of interesting things in the history of metal detectors. Want to see what they looked like before we were born? Or what was it like going on hunt in a limo in the 90s?


Please draw your attention to… a center left metal detector with green screen and white buttons. Turns out, it’s the Adonis Titanium (France). The really rare machine! Presumably it must have been the pulse induction detector with discrimination feature and VDI. 3 microprocessors, georadar with 3D visualization. And it was 2007!



I am wondering, why didn’t the world see the Adonis Titanium detector? Maybe XP Detectors, another manufacturer, bought it up at that time?

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  • hello my friend, if you are interest , i have also some vacuum tube metal detector if you are interest to display to md hunter, gardiner, fisher with wooden coil, detektron double coil, look




    i am looking for a compass challenger, because when i start metal detector business in 1996 i was starting as compass dealer in italy,

    • Stefano!
      Your collection of metal detectors is great!
      Thank you for excursion into the history of metal detectors!
      The third metal detector in the left row – is that C-SCOPE R1?

    • i Have an original 1931 metal detector in mint that is made of wood for sale

  • Hello, it is a 1220r, if some have interest i can sell some vintage metal detectors

    • Hello!
      Thanks for information!
      I just watched a video from Norfolk Wolf on C-Scope 1220R.
      Very interesting device but a bit expensive!

    • Hi Stefano do you have any Whites 6000 Di Series 2 For sale even if it’s just the control box?
      And also any Garrett Master Hunter Model 6 or 7 even again if it’s just the Control box I’m after
      the Black module with the wires going to the circuit board for the number 6 maybe you have just that part ?Also do you know if Garrett ever made a Depth Multiplier for the Groundhogs 15Khz
      Thanks for your time

    • HI what country are you situated at? And what metal detectors are you selling in the Garrett or Whites do you have a contact email or phone? I’m really interest mainly on the Garrett models
      Master hunter number 3 number 6 or 7 and 7x A2B Gold hunter or Scorpion Models
      Anyone else have this units for sale let us know Thanks Luis

      • Anyone want this antique Goldak 520 b in excellent working condition Bakelite Trimm headset and soundbox. contact me if interested. I’ll let it go negotiable. Can’t find another anywhere.

    • I am interested in buying a vintage metal detector from you.

    • The old green compass on the bottom shelf is the one I am interested in, I had one many years ago, but the divorce took it.

      • Anyone want this antique Goldak 520 b in excellent working condition Bakelite Trimm headset and soundbox contact me if interested. I’ll let it go negotiable.

  • Is there anyway possible to get one of these Adonis Titanium detectors ? I would love to have one. I am in the United States. If anyone knows how or where I can get one that works please let me know.

  • i want, i need, i’ve got to have a fisher model 1260, i’ll trade most anything i have for one, yeek help me please i love ya for ever and a day. pretty please

    • i’ve already said it once, i require a fisher model 1260 ? i have a fisher 555-d that works well and i’ll give it to you for free if you will help me ?

  • Looking for a Compass XP-PRO would love to have one.

  • amazing collection o owned several of those…date check

  • I have 12 old whites what can i do with them. they are Coin masters, gold masters and Alaskans

  • I am looking for a Daytona metal detector by Wilson Newman email or call

  • Hello

    I have a Kovacs Hiker -11T. Working.Was wondering value if any and would want to know if you be interested?


  • i have a fisher 1260x. I dont hunt . it was left to me after my dad passed a few years ago. My son is interested in hunting so i thought i would get it out and try to figure out how to use it. After reading the manual, I cant get it to work. I thinking it needs a coil and I’ve searched the net and cant find one. It seems useless the way it is. Any advice?

  • Here’s one that the collectors would give their left gonad for. A Wilson ATD. Paul Wilson was an eccentric genius of sorts who had unique concepts of coil design.

  • I am shopping one sacand hand matal detector
    Small price you Halp me

  • Hi do jou know anything about the treasure hunter 880 i’ve got one but i can’t find any information about it

  • Hi anny garrett old ones for sell

  • I am in need of a battery tray holding 9v. batteries. for a Garrett electronics ads VLF/tr deep seeker

  • electronics schematic fisher 555 d metal detector

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