$1 million or why hunters are groaning. Video

What will be your first words when finding bulks of gold coins? Watch the impressive video: an underwater discovery found with the metal detector – gold coins worth $1 million.

History of the find. Florida, USA. The siblings Eric and Hillary Schmitt found the 1715 Spanish shipwrecks. Among goods on board, there was also gold. Not the whole of treasure has been ‘hunted out’ yet, but it is already being split. The fifth part will go to the treasury. The Schmitts were searching with rental equipment, so they will also have to stump up for it.

To my mind, this video has been staged… Groaning is good enough (hope it wasn’t a squid that caught the hunter behind). However, the movements are illogical. I would grab these coins with both paws… Eric, on the contrary, took one coin, uttered a groan and began swimming away ))

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  • What’s that metal detector? At first I thought it was the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2. Looks like this machine – the coil and white lower shaft. But the coil cable of this detector goes into the shaft hole (right above the coil)… Maybe it’s kind of shaft improvement. But this detector has a lot of cable: if you extend it straight inside the shaft, there will be a skein atop – bigger that the very control box.

    Probably, if this discovery had been found with the Garrett metal detector, the manufacturer would have already informed us ))

  • It is Aquascan AQ1B.

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