What’s inside XP Deus. Opening the machine

With respect to freely available information, an XP Deus is one of the most ‘non-public’ detectors. You will not find even a disassembly instruction to say nothing of the circuit diagram. Maybe the XP Deus is so good that it never breaks down? See the photos and video: opening the machine, what’s inside.

Opening an XP Deus coil — XP 22.5 DD.

All about the XP Deus metal detector is collected here (repair, videos, tests, comparisons). Plus, there is additional information related to XP Deus (manual, coils, and more) on Knowledgebase pages.

6 Responses to What’s inside XP Deus. Opening the machine

  • Nice to see inside deus coil. I’m interested of charging circuit they are using because i would like to replace original battery with bigger one. Original battery has protection circuit, but if there is already all needed protection in charging circuit then battery wouldn’t need it.

  • 1 frame in focus at 6:35 … took me ages to find that. i think the wires do a single twist to join the contacts (need to replace mine)

  • did anyone manage to read the PIC processor ?

  • Guardando si capisce la povertà tecnologica e elettronica…e vecchio!!

  • Hello
    I want a piece like this submerged in water

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