Nokta Pinpointer. NEW 2015

Watch the new photos and video, NEW 2015, Nokta Pinpointer from Turkish manufacturer.


The Turkish manufacturer has rolled out a new product – Nokta Pinpointer. All things correspond to recent trends, waterproof, contrasting and alarm – not to forget the pinpointer. Plus, Coil Interference Blocking technology and protection cases for its work surface (like Chinese pinpointers have).





In addition to the pinpointer the manufacturer offers a security lanyard. Well, it’s separately and just the same for your money.


First of all, the declared battery life sticks out – up to 30 hours. It is a lot, the average battery life of the usual pinpointer is 9-12 hours. The manufacturer guarantees 360° detection tip enabling to search in a sweeping way (hinting, with that, at failure of the Whites TRX competitor).


Waterproof equivalent to IP67 (in my opinion, it is submersion up to 0.6 meter, but I also can be wrong writing from memory). LED flashlight. Shockproof housing. In addition, the manufacturer says when the Nokta Pinpointer is off, the search coils’ magnetic transmission is disconnected.

Operating frequency: 11.6 kHz, working temperature: -20 to +50 degrees Celsius. Audio and vibration alert (in any combination), sensitivity control. The Nokta Pinpointer length: 24 centimeters, weight: 235 grams, power supply: 9V “krona”.

As for me, it is not convenient to control the pinpointer by pressing the buttons at the top. And in any case, the manufacturers have gone a strange way…

In very deed the pinpointer is a simple tool and it must save time during a hunt. Any complication (for example, additional adjustments) takes up time. Like, a hunter is sitting above a hole and snapping something, trying to understand in which of 6 detection modes he is now (as in the previous new product of 2015 – Garrett PRO-Pointer AT). I want to get a pinpointer, turn it on, pick up a coin and go searching further. And I don’t need anything more from it!

All about the Nokta Pinpointer is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Nokta Pinpointer. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • If you look at the result, it seems far from being the case that the manufacturer wants to show us.
    For example, the new Nokta Pinpointer is not really a new product… This is the last year’s pinpointer, also made in Turkey – the Makro Pointer. But that one was completely dark. This one has the external changes – bright color inserts.

    The protection cases applied to this model are a dubious advantage. If there is a task to protect the pinpointer’s work surface at most – several wraps with any protective film and there is no problem. Instead, you shouldn’t worry they can get lost or break. Applying a protective film I can choose both color and degree of protection, as well as I can wrap the whole unit with it (not only its work surface).
    The control buttons at the butt end of the body are inconvenient. The better alternative than a button in the middle of the pinpointer’s body (like in the Garrett AT PRO) doesn’t exist yet. For example, when you take the pinpointer that has the control button amid, your hand grips automatically as it should and your thumb lies down directly on the button. At that, it happens blindly and doesn’t demand the additional steps or attention concentration. How to control the Nokta Pinpointer? Should I use the second hand (in which I have a shovel)? Can I do it blindly?

    And what are these containers near the buttons? Gathering dust? But if the dust seals the butt end, how will I control the pinpointer? Gonna have to sit and clean in order to get to the buttons.

  • Can anybody tell me where i can buy one in Australia please.

  • Bought mine new for ?83 from a detector shop on eBay, you’d have to pay extra for shipping but worth a look.

  • The Nokta Pointer is a great littlle pointer and does what it should. The butons on the cap are easily accessable and you quickly adapt to using it one handed. The on/off light function is sensible as are the ability to use the pointer with vibration on or off and the same with the beep or you could have both on.
    Nokta versus Garrett is a bit like apple versus android, some people blindly cannot see past apple products just like some people cannot see past garrett products but like android, nokta does the very same job with its pointer but cheaper than the garrett and with more features.

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