Quest Scuba Tector PRO

Quest Scuba Tector PRO pinpointer
  • Features

    • Manufacturers: Quest (USA)
    • Model: Scuba Tector PRO (2020)
    • Type: mini detector
    • Protection against water: underwater
    • Audible alarm: Yes
    • Vibration alarm: Yes
    • Adjustable sensitivity: Yes
    • Length: 35 cm
    • Weight: 400 grams
    • Battery: accumulator
  • Additionally

6 Responses to Quest Scuba Tector PRO

  • Yes please send me one!

  • Wie teuer ist der? Wann kommt er raus! Wo kann ich ihn bestellen?

  • I want to have a washing machine.

  • Been using the Scuba Tector since July 2017 with some mixed results. My main issue is depth on some sandy beaches. I think the Pro version should be much better than the standard SC. I’m really torn between purchasing the Nokta Pulse dive with 8inch coil, but I really like the build quality of the Quest Scuba Tector. Please let me know of any updated specifications or test videos and also when this super detector will be available. I know it was planned for early 2020, but the dreaded Covid-19 has put a stop to many companies work and development of new products. I’m happy to wait as I probably won’t be going diving any time soon! Stay safe everyone! Matt

  • Has anyone used this against the pulse dive with 8” coil?

    Does the 95khz make it better for gold sniping?

    • I’m thinking the same thing witch it best 3 khz pulse dive 8 inch or 95 khz scuba tector pro .and there will be a second circular coil ?if yes I will wait for it if don’t I will go for the pulse dive 8 inch coil .in the past I own a scuba tector very god machine until it flooded.i don’t know how to fix it .

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