Coiltek 22 DD Goldstalker

Coiltek 22 DD Goldstalker coil
  • Parameters

    • Manufacturer: Coiltek
    • Model: 22 DD Goldstalker
    • Coil type: DD
    • Coil shape: round
    • Size in inches: 22
    • Size in cm: 54


    • Metal Detectors

    Coiltek 22 DD Goldstalker on MD Hunter

    One Response to Coiltek 22 DD Goldstalker

    • You have 100+ coils on display with spec’s but none of the manufacturers ever mentioned the weight of the coil, which is a highly important feature when selecting a coil to match a detector, so one can balance the total detector weight to operational fatigue over long periods of usage, also the kind of copper used in coils (OFC/PCOCC) ie. High conductivity copper/silver?

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