new 2017

Coiltek 22 DD Goldstalker coil. NEW 2017

Coiltek has announced a new product 2017 – Coiltek 22 DD Goldstalker coil – that fits the Minelab GP, Minelab GPX, Minelab SD machines (all of them are specifically made for finding gold nuggets). Coiltek has already had a similar coil (identical shape, size, name) in its model lineup, but it’s been a Mono version. The new coil comes as DD type. Continue reading

Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer (video, price). NEW 2017

Can any emptiness be sold to hobby enthusiasts, and at a very high price? Fisher have revealed a new product 2017 – the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer. First, I’ve already seen this probe somewhere. Second, I’ve also seen some product of the same color. Third, it’s no good writing mistakes in their own product’s name. Anyway, welcome the newly produced unit! Continue reading

Minelab Equinox wireless headphones (+ photos &… video). NEW 2017

There have been some momentous events for Minelab. First, the inscription KOSS disappeared from the headphones which now have only ‘Minelab’ letters left. Second, Minelab’s new wireless headphones have become truly wireless, like those made by XP or Garrett. Here comes a new product 2017 – new Minelab headphones. Continue reading