new 2017

Fisher F75 Plus (F75+), NEW 2017. Sensational machine?

Fisher has announced its novelty 2017 – Fisher F75 Plus (F75+)… But what did you expect? As are treasure hunters, so are new products. You were waiting for it – here it comes. Don’t say you have already seen it somewhere. Take a look: it’s a 100% new metal detector. And I urgently need your opinion! Continue reading

Teknetics Tek-Point probe (price, depth test, photos, video, specs). NEW 2017

Teknetics have revealed a new product 2017 – the Teknetics Tek-Point probe… There exist some trends in the metal detecting world: a modern pinpointer must be bright, as easy to use as possible and submersible. Teknetics don’t know anything about these trends, they want their pinpointer to be dark-colored and with a bolt. So here comes the Teknetics Tek-Point, a new product 2017! Continue reading

Bounty Hunter Tracker Pro (the Equinox killer, video). NEW 2017

Bounty Hunter has released a new metal detector 2017 – the Bounty Hunter Tracker Pro… It’s either the manufacturer who produces the same machines in different packages, or they simply have already got tired of MD hobbyists, so they get us to ride on their ‘merry-go-round’ waiting until we feel sick to our stomachs. Continue reading