Monte’s Nail Board Test

Minelab CTX 3030 recovery speed test. Video (different coils +Makro Racer)

When a metal detector costs more than $2,000, you expect it to be the real search giant. Or can a large manufacturer be forgiven for small problems? Watch the video test. Continue reading

Fisher F44 recovery speed test. Video

Garrett ACE machines are often criticized for being unable to detect close together targets. But can their competitors pass a recovery speed test? Here’s a video to watch: a recovery speed test of Fisher F44 with the standard coil. Plus, an F44 test with a sniper coil. Continue reading

Fisher CZ-3D & Teknetics Omega 8000: recovery speed test

Here are the Fisher CZ-3D and Teknetics Omega 8000 machines being tested on their ability to separate close together targets. The comparison test is being conducted with the stock coils, in a Monte’s Nail Board Test format. It’s a really difficult test for metal detectors. Continue reading