Garrett PRO-Pointer AT

Comparison between pinpointers. Test on gold

See this test and you will know how to choose a pinpointer and what things should be checked while buying this one. Here’s a comparison between the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT, White’s TRX and Deteknix XPointer Wader: testing on gold targets. Let’s have a look at how different probes can see a small nugget, a bigger one, and how they react to a gold chain. Continue reading

Gold Hunter AT (a copy of Garrett’s probe, + price). NEW 2017

Here’s a new product 2017 – Gold Hunter AT pinpointer. At first glance it’s an exact copy of the Garrett PRO-Pointer AT. But that is only first impression – there are options. You do buy counterfeits, don’t you, and the only question is price? Am I right? Continue reading

Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT (China made). NEW 2017

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT counterfeits are ready to go on sale. Are you anticipating the new products from China? Hold Hunter has revealed the first photo of its new Gold Hunter PRO-Pointer AT. Apart from the name, color, and similar housing – it has nothing in common with the original )) Continue reading