3D print

A strange MD accessory

I am reproached for having laughed at a pinpointer with a loupe – kinda ‘people went out of their way to make such a thing, so if you don’t like it, don’t meddle’…

It’s all the same to me who is taking money out of your pockets and how, but it’s up to me to decide when and with whom I should laugh. Recently I have come across a strange metal detecting accessory. Is this one useful? Continue reading

It’s easy to 3D print a metal detector!

Why don’t manufacturers 3D print their machines as of yet? You think it’s expensive? The price of some detectors covers the cost of several 3D printers. So It’s not about the price tag is not really the point – the problem lies in the printing speed, it is not fast enough for mass production. But it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it? Still and all, metal detectors will be 3D printed. The question is who will print them… Odds are we shall get along without manufacturers’ help. Here’s an excellent example: a homemade 3D printed device. The unit is fully operational and yields finds! Continue reading