Garrett and XP is still doing business in Russia

It has been almost a year now that Europe has been facing the war. We have not had such numerous destructions and casualties since World War II. The entire cities are destroyed, the number of deaths is up to hundreds of thousands. The aggressive Russia attacked its neighbor – Ukraine in order to seize the territories. We are living in the 21st century: people have learned to cure most of the diseases, the self-driving cars are on the roads, the spacecrafts have reached Mars, but the Russians remain in the Middle Ages having no other desire than to kill, plunder and seize foreign lands. A lot of international companies and brands have already stopped their business in Russia and tried to get rid of any ties with the insane Russians. The civilized countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Poland and many others have united to resist the aggressor. However, two metal detectors manufacturers continue their business in Russia, paying taxes for Putin to fire his missiles. We are talking about Garrett Metal Detectors (USA) and XP Metal Detectors (France).

Garrett and XP is still doing business in Russia

Garrett Metal Detectors

It is the American manufacturer of civilian metal detectors, military mine detectors and security systems. The company founder is Charles Garrett. Being a veteran of the US Navy and a great patriot of his country, he was proud that his detectors helped to save lives all over the world. But Charles Garrett is dead and his legacy has changed hands…

Garrett and XP is still doing business in Russia

Now the company is run by his son, Vaughan Garrett. Since the invasion of Ukraine, the manufacturer is still operating in Russia and supports the aggressor country.

XP Metal Detectors (XPLORER)

It is the French manufacturer of civilian metal detectors and medical equipment. Its owner is Alain Loubet. Despite the fact that France is one of the main countries to provide assistance to Ukraine, not all the French turn out to be decent.

Garrett and XP is still doing business in Russia

The XP Metal Detectors brand not only stayed in Russia, but also has the Crimea location on their offices map. Money makes Alain Loubet ignore morality and conscience (sponsoring the aggressor with the taxes), deny the international law (the Crimea belongs to Ukraine) and violate the European Union legislative activities (the ban on the equipment and technology supply from the EU to the Crimea).

I would like to remind that Minelab, Quest Metal Detectors, Nokta Makro and other manufacturers officially expressed their position and removed the Russian sellers from their websites in 2022.

3 Responses to Garrett and XP is still doing business in Russia

  • todos las naciones fabrican armas de todo tipo bombas inteligentes, que si fueran inteligentes no matarian gente, pero las economias del mundo estan basadas en las guerras sin ellas no funcionan.
    Lamentablemente las guerras son inevitables, la solucion es cerrar las fabricas de armas, esto no va a suceder asi que, lo que yo hago es que en mi vida en mi corazon no hay odio, con solo hacer que tu mente este en paz es un aporte a la vida. Pero son muy pocos los que tienen paz interior. es la unica manera que veo para contribuir a la paz mundial. Empezando por uno mismo.Si cada uno logra la paz interior el mundo estara en paz. Complicado todo esto lo importante es vivir. Asi que solucionemos los problemas cada uno de nosotros y habra un poco de paz. Seguire fabricando mis detectores y limpiando el planeta de la basura metalica,

  • Shame on XP and Garrett. For a year it was possible to understand what Russia is.

  • Another reason for not being a fan of Garrett or XP which I never was. Perhaps I could tell that they would support an established known enemy to basically the world for profit. Or it was probably that I researched and just picked the superior metal detectors Minelab and Whites. But I have to say due to how absolutely flimsy the XP’s seemed to me after playing with the douche I decided to stay with Minelab. Sorry I mean Deus… My phone’s dictation doesn’t pick up on that well.

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