Makro Racer 2

Opening the Makro / Nokta wireless headphones

Here’s a photo report of disassembling the Makro and Nokta wireless headphones. These are compatible with the Makro Racer 1, Makro Racer 2 (with a dongle to be inserted into the control box) and Nokta Impact 1, Nokta Impact 2 machines (without a dongle). Plus, a teardown of the dongle used in the Racer detectors. Continue reading

Opening the Makro Racer 2. What’s inside the machine

With the advent of Makro Racer 1-2, the metal detector market is in a tight squeeze. And it’s not just competitors that have problems. How will an ordinary treasure hunter decide between alternatives? Besides, we are expecting to see more new products coming in autumn 2016… Until then here’s the Makro Racer 2 opened: a photo report of what’s inside the detector. Continue reading