Monthly Archives: April 2017

Opening the Nokta Impact. Photo review for repair

The future of metal detectors is vague. Some people think there will be mere coils remained of common devices. Others claim a detector’s existing build will become more complicated. But one thing we now know for sure is that an Era of single-frequency machines has ended. Multi-frequency will be a must-have feature for any detector before long. The Nokta Impact has 3 frequencies you can switch between. Here’s a photo review of dismantling this device. You may need it in case of repair. Continue reading

Garrett AT MAX. How to sell emptiness at a high price

A hundred years ago, a newspaper published an announcement: an exhibition of donkeys would be held at the square, everyone could come and see… When people came to the square, it turned out to be empty, and an emcee cried out loud, “Donkeys, welcome! We are starting our show!” It’s much the same situation in the metal detecting world. Garrett has revealed a new product 2017 – the Garrett AT MAX metal detector. And it’s better you should not say that it’s not the novelty you have been anticipating for over 7 years… Continue reading

Deteknix Scuba Tector vs Vibra Tector 730. Depth test

The Deteknix Scuba Tector vs Vibra Tector 730: which mini machine is deeper? According to some commenters, the Vibra is allegedly on par with the Deteknix. But that’s not the case. Based upon the tests performed by different owners, the Scuba Tector is greatly superior to the Tector 730. Continue reading