Monthly Archives: March 2017

XP Deus battery replacement. Remote control teardown

How to replace a battery in the XP Deus? Thoughtful manufacturers know that selling an item to a user is only half of what they can get from one customer. There also exist after sale service, parts and accessories, repair… I get scared when I hear the word combination ‘lifelong customers’ )) Here’s some useful information of how to replace a battery in the XP Deus. Continue reading

Deteknix Turbo coils. NEW 2017

Bolt, Blade, Monster … Do these names convey anything to you? I’ll put it another way: who knows the Turbo D coil type? So here come the new coils 2017 — Deteknix 15 Monster, Deteknix 9.5 Blade, and Deteknix 5 Bolt. The type of these ones: Turbo D. Continue reading