Monthly Archives: October 2016

Comparison: Golden Mask 1+ vs Minelab GPX 4000. MDzoo

Have you seen a Coiltek 40?20 Goldhunting coil in action? It’s really a gigantic loop. It’s hard to carry that kind of thing attached to the shaft. Moreover, not every shaft will survive with such coil. Usually it’s put on wheels. Here’s a new comparison in MDzoo: Golden Mask 1+ versus Minelab GPX 4000. Continue reading

Minelab loses Coiltek exclusive. NEW 2016

Coiltek was Minelab’s exclusive partner. Suddenly there occurred an unexpected event: Coiltek has released coils for White’s detectors. It’s almost as if Garrett produced coils for Minelab. Continue reading

Hoard is almost always fear. Photos

Almost any hoard is saturated with fear… Having amassed possessions, you are afraid all these things can be taken away from you. You might run away, but you can’t take it with you. After stealing something, you want to tuck it away. Or, when going on a hike, you don’t have anybody to entrust your inheritance into his care… In each case, when burying a hoard, people also dug their own fears along with it into the soil. Continue reading

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