XP Deus waterproof armband

XP has released a waterproof armband for the XP Deus. One would think: why? All things are wireless, the remote control can be put in a waterproof iPhone case… But the wireless remote control and coil lose connection underwater… So, an additional antenna for the coil is needed.


The new XP Deus waterproof armband comes with this antenna and has 3 different configurations: kit A, kit B, kit C. The latter includes waterproof earphones.


Here is the XP waterproof armband, it is available in all three configurations. The armband can be used not only for the remote control, but also for the headphone panel.


Also, all three configurations have an antenna for the wireless XP coil. There are differences in length. Kit A: cable 1.5m. Kit B: cable 2.5m. Kit C: cable 2.5m + XP waterproof earphones supplied.

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