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Nokta Impact

Nokta Impact metal detector
  • Model Features

    • Manufacturer: Nokta (Turkey)
    • Model: Impact
    • Year: 2017
    • Type: ground detector
    • Display: Yes
    • Technology: VLF
    • Frequency: 5 | 14 | 20 kHz
    • VDI / Numerical Target-ID: Yes
    • Manual ground balance: Yes
    • Automatic ground balance: Yes
    • Noise cancel: Yes
    • Sound, tones: Multi
    • Adjusting the volume: Yes
    • Pinpoint: Yes
    • Using headphones: Yes
    • Search coil: Nokta 11x7 DD (IM28 DD)
  • Parameters

    • Batteries: 4x AA
    • Weight: 1,8 kg
    • Length (min/max): 107-143 cm

Coils for Nokta Impact


7 Responses to Nokta Impact

  • how far away from release are these anyone know, are the specs above right? do the 3 freq work at once or chose which one you want?

    • Expected data, we have no info yet. But will see! I think we will be one of who will post an info first about that product, we are waiting for Nokta Impact release too.

  • great I will watch this space, seems to be in my mind the most anticipated new detector for 2016, guess I want the best they can come up with, so waiting is all part of that process.

    but the suspense is killing me :)

  • Nokta Impact: How to tell your software version


  • Any update on when this baby comes out?

  • Been following and waiting the release of the Impact, looking at accessories, not seeing coil covers. Are there any?

  • I just received a “shopper approved” confirmation email asking if I received my order. In notes it say if you haven’t please wait 24 – 48 hours then contact Kell__co. I pre-ordered from them. I am assuming it will be here today 4-4 to 4-8 ish.

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