White’s new machine (photo). NEW 2018?

The latest trend among MD manufacturers now is showing how their new product testing is being conducted. So it isn’t enough to simply announce something like the Minelab Go-Find shaft is approved by MD enthusiasts, like Minelab does. It should be at least 100 test men on all continents of the world who will try out absolutely every situation you can think of… A guy who conducts tests for White’s has revealed, either accidentally or intentionally, their new machine. Are you willing to see the first photo of White’s novelty?

White's new machine (photo). NEW 2018?

Photograph by tester Tom Boykin. The tests are carried out in Brazil. It’s highly likely that White’s new unit will be based on the MX7 device and be designed for gold prospecting. Simply said, it will be a high-frequency version of the MX7 (plus, the machine will be of a different color, it’s very important).

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4 Responses to White’s new machine (photo). NEW 2018?

  • No it’s not just a new high frequency gold machine. The new White’s detector is totally new technology. It’s a hybrid combo of VLF and PI. Very exciting! You heard it here first!

  • How will a hybrid VLF/pi work?
    Will it be a pi that can discriminate?
    Will it be good in hot ground? Will it have good depth?
    It does sound exciting! And expensive, lol!
    Wonder how long before release? So many questions!!!

  • I have absolutely no questions! The first “hybrid” metal detector
    VLF plus PI was made by Kolokolov and Schedrin almost 10 years
    ago. The metal detector name is Koschei – 25K. Were White’s
    engineers so lazy as to steal, sorry, borrow this technology only
    now? I believe they could wait some 20 years more!

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