Teknetics Omega 8500. NEW 2015

I treat the new products from Teknetics and Fisher with caution… They may paint their device a different color, give it a new name and dress up in the garb of a new metal detector. This time the color has remained the same. Here’s the Teknetics Omega 8500, a new product 2015.


At first glance… The coil has remained the same – a 10-inch Elliptical Mono. A screen backlight (red) and Threshold added, a ground balance seriously updated.

There is an interference tune-out (by shifting the frequency), 3-tone dynamic response (loudness depends on depth), and – it looks like Teknetics has learned to fit in the Boost mode with all the detectors – Enhanced Multi-Level Depth Boost.


I don’t see any other changes so far. It will be necessary to retrieve an old description of the Omega 8000 and to compare. Here’s a complete list of the Teknetics Omega 8500 features:

  • Backlight
  • Waterproof Elliptical Searchcoil
  • Notching Controls – Discrimination & Variable Volume by Category
  • Independent Gain & Threshold Control
  • Ground Mineralization Readout
  • Ground Phase Error Readout
  • 2 Modes of Operation:
    — Discrimination
    — All Metal
  • Selectable V.C.O. Base Tone
  • Choice of 3 Tones plus V.C.O
  • Digital Target-ID System
  • Ground Grab® Computerized Ground Balancing
  • Frequency Shift to Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Visual Background Iron-ID
  • Enhanced Multi-Level Depth Boost
  • Static Pinpoint

A comparison: Teknetics Omega 8000 and Teknetics Omega 8500. Are they much different?


The first videos of Teknetics Omega 8500… Is an operator demonstrating the Omega 8500 problems at 13:43? The extra artifacts are appearing on the detector screen.

Some other new products: showing its new metal detectors Deteknix roused the hunters’ indignation. And we are waiting for news from Garrett (coming soon, there are two months left).

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8 Responses to Teknetics Omega 8500. NEW 2015

  • Love the 8500 totally different then the 8000. Finding more stuff the 8000 left behind

  • Have got myself the Teknetics Omega 8500 what a machine, it loves picking out those deeper smaller targets.10/10.

  • I use the 8000 Omega since 2009, now the new 8500 is a different Machine, it is much more sensitive to smaller objects and the Volume Control of Categories is a Great Addition. The new Omega is the Choice of the Pros. You have more Setting Possibilities than a F75/T2 User, it´s the perfect Relic Hunter!

  • Is the control box housing the same on the 8500 as the 8000? I want to go to an after market stem and they are selling it for the 8500 and have told me they don’t know. Can you help me?

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