gold finds

Discovering the gold. One photo (Can you try it on?)

The question of whether or not it’s OK to put on other people’s rings found is really a childish level. There is a more awesome question instead. Should someone’s teeth discovered be tried on? Supposing these were gold? Here’s one photo: if one unearthed a gold find, it means that day was a success. But still… Would you be able to try on such a thing? By the way, the discovery was made with a Minelab CTX 3030 machine. Continue reading

Walking with Minelab X-Terra

Want to know which metal detector is better? No matter what anyone says, what the comparisons and tests are, whether it’s criticized or praised… Look at the finds! It’s only these ones that will tell you the truth about the machine. Here is a photo report ‘Walking with Minelab X-Terra’ submitted by commenter CyberBoom. The photos are great – those who go out metal detecting know these feelings all too well. Continue reading

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