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Large coil for Garrett AT PRO. Photo review

The standard AT 11 DD coil of the Garrett AT PRO metal detector is one of the best Garrett coils. But if you want to increase depth as well as overall searching speed, the choice of original Garrett coils is limited. The alternative manufacturers come to the rescue then. For example, Mars MD Goliath – a large 15” coil. Continue reading

Minelab X-TERRA 9 coil repair. What’s inside

It’s more difficult to repair a metal detector coil that the device itself. And it’s all about epoxy resin filled inside the coil. In order to repair the latter, you should get the epoxy off. Here’s a photo report: how to open and repair a Minelab X-TERRA 9 coil. Maybe this knowledge will help you save your energy and nerves (and you will simply buy a new coil). Continue reading