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Noble coin. The find desired by all treasure hunters

Do you know what a Noble is? It’s the find that will make any detectorist happy. It’s the first mass produced gold English coin issued in the 14th century. The main peculiarity of this coin is that it was made from a high purity of gold – higher than the 900 fineness, according to millesimal fineness system. Here are the photos to see: the noble discovered. Continue reading

Famous treasure hunter arrested

In the 80s treasure hunter Tommy Thompson who was working as a marine engineer at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, was actively interested in information on shipwrecks. The steamer SS Central America, sunk in 1857 while carrying about 21 tons of treasure (gold and silver ingots and coins, jewelry and nuggets) to New York, turned out to be the most interesting candidate for the expedition. Having convinced a team of 160 investors and thus having received the sum of 12.7 million dollars, Thompson embarked on his ambitious plan. Continue reading

Opening the Teknetics T2 (original). Photo review

Here’s a photo review of the Teknetics T2 teardown. It’s an original, not Chinese made, machine. The peculiarity of the T2 unit lies in the fact that Chinese are producing the Teknetics T2 copies that are hardly distinguishable from the originals. It’s also very hard to spot the differences in electronics (but still possible). Continue reading