MarsMD coils for Nokta Impact. NEW 2017

MarsMD has released its coils for the Nokta Impact metal detector. The model line-up includes the DD elliptical 10×6 Sniper and 13×10 Tiger coils, as well as the large round DD 13 Discovery and 15 Goliath ones. All of the machine’s three frequencies have been taken into account.

MarsMD coils for Nokta Impact. NEW 2017

All content related to the Nokta Impact metal detector is collected here (news, different tests and comparisons, reviews and diggers’ tips). Moreover, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information – e.g., a complete list of search coils for this machine. There you can also find other things: user manual, specs, features, everything about repair and improvements, and tests divided into categories.

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