Garrett ACE 250 (MD 6250, China fake). Photo and video

Watch the video & photo of Garrett ACE 250 China fake, known as Raider MD 6250 on sale. Watch and realize that it will never be such a metal detector here below. The ACE 250 final journey.

A couple of home videos have gone online. For the common man it is another review of one metal detector China fake… But for the hunters whose path has begun with the Garrett ACE these are really sad videos. The manufactures won’t be able to stop the Chinese, they can only trout them round further.











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6 Responses to Garrett ACE 250 (MD 6250, China fake). Photo and video

  • its funny how everyone bags the chinese knock offs , even though they have NEVER TRIED IT THEMSELVES, and trust me garrets are made in china. i use to work for garrett and was their quality control there.

    • Why you not working for them now if the job was so good?
      All chinky rip offs are a waste of money you may as well get a spade and just guess where the metal is.
      If i was going to buy nikes i would not buy fakes from a back of a van in london because they would be dogs shit and fall apart after a month.

    • your a liar .. no garrett metal detectors are made or assembled in china , none , get your facts right . dipshit

  • dave quinn ;; Do some home work first Mate. so much stuff is made in China for so many top retail companies and they sell for top prices on the World market. yes some of it is shite but a lot of it is first class, and by the sound of it you have not even tried one of these detectors your self so you cant say if good or bad just that you don’t like them because they come from China just like the the Garret you say is better my mate has one of these raiders and has found all manner of stuff and enough to also buy himself a newer and Better one that he can dive with… ..

  • You all know that nothing is manufactured in USA since the 1990s. Everything is made in Asia, Taiwan or Shanghai. iPhones, iPods, iPads, every cell phone, the very best PC motherboards, Asus, MSI, Asrock. It all comes from Asia, mostly China. Granted, some low priced goods are crap, same with video cards in a PC. You can get great vid cards or substandard ‘Bargain’ brands. As with metal detectors some china manufacturers make discount kid stuff, but they also produce high end detectors. If you want to check for yourself, there is a website Made In China . com that lists everything that is made there. I looked at metal detectors on that site that are made in china, Garrett, Minelab, Whites, Fisher. Some have badge changes but you can clearly tell what it is. There are a few Fisher models they sell as Fisher. In the end, a company is as good as it’s support, buy a brand name for a warranty and parts replacement. If the company is reputable, this is why they have brand loyalty. I doubt you will get warranty service from a bargain you bought from a discount item purchased from a china warehouse. BP. Aero Engineering.

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