Fisher F75 circuit diagram (+ board layout)

A complete circuit diagram of the Fisher F75 machine has appeared. If you add firmware to it, in theory you can make your own metal detector. See: here’s an electrical schematic of the Fisher F75. Plus, a circuit board layout. Have a lucky repair!

Fisher F75 circuit diagram (all images are clickable – click to enlarge)


Fisher F75 circuit board layout (all images are clickable – click to enlarge)







All info on Fisher F75 metal detector is collected here (finds, news, comparisons with other machines, photos, videos, tests) and on Knowledgebase pages (specs, features, coils for Fisher F75, a manual and many other things).

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2 Responses to Fisher F75 circuit diagram (+ board layout)

  • Hello friends
    fisher 75 se Is there a difference between the loudspeaker max 4477 and the other 2262c, whichever is the best in performance and one of the pictures used 2262A Thank you

  • Hi dear I’m looking for a pdf of a metal detector for depth 5meter can you help me please thank you so mush before your help

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